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Island Eatery | Le Morne

Wapalapam is an authentic place located on the foothills of the beautiful Le Morne Brabant mountain that offers a perfect setting, turning a culinary experience into a memorable occasion, whether it’s for Lunch or Dinner.

Rok Flander

Former Snowboard World Champion

Former Snowboard World Champion now Restaurateur Rok Flander and his wife Gabriella, were able to transform an old Bank into a shabby shick looking restaurant. Using pieces of an old colonial house they managed to transform the wood in to pieces of furniture, bar and other parts of the restaurant. They have reached a unique ambiance that perfectly fits in the beautiful environment of the UNESCO protected Le Morne Brabant mountain area. At the same time there is nothing better than eating local Indian Ocean food off the more than 100 years old wooden tables and chairs.

Chef Willibald Reinbacher

Founder & Author of “Aquacasia, Culinary Jewels of the Indian Ocean”

Together with Chef Willibald Reinbacher, founder and Author of “Aquacasia, Culinary Jewels of the Indian Ocean”, they were able to create a new culinary concept, which offers an unforgettable mix of authentic and artisanal offerings, which captures the heart and soul of each island’s love of food, entwined with a mastery of spice.

Wapalapam is the perfect place to lose track of time whilst sipping and savoring fine drinks from around the world and an unforgettable Indian ocean influenced menu which presents aromatic dishes that embrace the raw, heart-felt flavor of the islands in the Indian Ocean, from Africa in the West, Asia in the north and Indonesia in the East. Wapalapam brings together the very best of Indian ocean cuisine.

~ The taste of an island ~